We Give Them Away, But Who Wants Them?

The traditional business card has been around for years. It’s one of the first things you get as a business person. But have you ever asked anyone if they actually use your business card? A modern age deserves a modern solution - and we want to introduce the Video Business Card (VBC). The standard business card provides limited contact information.

The Video Business Card provides so much more!


Modern times demand modern solutions

A business card is a two-dimensional tool with only as much information as can be contained in a small real estate space. But a video business card SHOWS and TELLS your potential clients and contacts who you are in an engaging and story-like manner. It also communicates transparency and credibility by showing you what you and why you do it.

Your VBC says what you want

Using our proven process, the Video Business Card is created using an interview style of discussion based on your input. If you want to speak to something unique about you or your business, we take your input seriously and place that information into your VBC so it is a direct reflection of you and the value you provide.

Your vbc goes where you want

Traditional business cards can get lost or stuck in drawers (even yours) - but your video business card can go into your email signature as a hyperlink, placed in your Facebook feed or as your Facebook cover video; into your LinkedIn account or even sent to prospective clients inside of an email or email newsletter. And that’s just the start.