If you’re like us, you’ve wanted to stand out from the competition. You’ve likely wondered if there was a process that would help you gain trust with your clients, improve your SEO and boost your sales. We know you want to become a savvy business owner, and that everyone deserves to be able to tell their story. . At Media By JP, we get it.

With over 500 video projects completed, we’ve helped businesses just like you overcome frustration and experience success.

As a locally owned business in Sioux Falls, we are committed to helping you stand out from the competition so you can stop feeling frustration. The process is simple —

You schedule a call, we discuss your needs and create a storyboard that we review with you, then we get to work, producing video that connects you to your customers. Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to an amazing business transformation.
We believe everyone deserves to tell their story and you deserve to grow your business. We help you improve SEO with our videos, too, so that you can focus less on past failures and spend more time thriving.

Schedule a call with us today so we can get started.

About Media By JP - Sioux Falls, SD

Media By JP, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has been in my blood stream from the first time I saw "Nothing in Common" back in 1986. When I watched the marketing team nail a campaign presentation to the client, I fell in love with advertising. No matter the project, we want your business and its story to strike a chord with the viewer. 

For over 30 years, I've followed my passion, practicing my craft in creativity and advertising. All of those marketing experiences culminated into building Media By JP so that small business can grow and thrive in Sioux Falls. 

Now, let's do something special - and let's get your story told.

Our Recommended Partners & Businesses

As a demonstration of our belief in small business, along with the power of networking and referrals to other small businesses, Media By JP is a proud partner of the BNI International community. In addition, we recommend the following businesses in the Sioux Falls area that we are familiar with, have worked with and encourage you to patronize:

Having experience helps sell the experience.


For more than 20 years I have created experiences; effectively bringing consumers and multi-national brands closer together. As a strategic partner, Media By JP focuses beyond the traditional components to at the "WHY?" each consumer has when making their next buying decision. Put our resources, tools and experience to work for you whether you live in beautiful Sioux Falls, expansive South Dakota or beyond.

Jeff was able to capture my vision and bring my idea to life. He was BY FAR the most efficient person I’ve ever worked with when it comes to media.
— Torrey Babb, Mission Ball

The best outcomes start with a great idea.


Recognized again and again for creativity, Media By JP understands your goals and transcribes them into a beautifully produced, eye-catching visual that hits the bullseye and will make you wanna dab.


My favorite story, and an example of how creativity can work in your favor.  She said YES!

My favorite story, and an example of how creativity can work in your favor.  She said YES!

Resourcefulness starts with the same three letters as respect.


We respect our clients and their budgets. Our resourcefulness works to that exact benefit. We produce high-quality video production projects with amazing features - while keeping expenses low. That translates into tremendous value for our clients.



Creative Videography Crushes the Competition


Your message needs to be sticky and memorable.  But did you know that the average reader has a comprehension level of 60%?
On the flip side, more than 65% of the population are visual learners. Combine visuals with spoken words and now your message comprehension goes up even more. That's the power of using video for your advertising.

Isn't it time you stopped burning your marketing dollars and invested in video for growing your business?


Video Production Perfect for Business

A solid video production company like Media By JP provides small business services that include a creative consultation, conceptualization, storyboarding, production, motion graphics, editing and more. Using the latest technology and training, we deliver our projects on-time and above expectation.


Looking for An Affordable Commercial or Corporate Video?

Your project might require a little something to make it stand out from the rest. And that's why we offer cost-effective strategies you can employ to make your message seen and heard. In addition to traditional video services, we offer motion graphics, kinetic typography and embedding your video with just the right music to fully immerse your audience with just the right amount of emotion.

You want the best for your customers, we want the same for you.


That long cast list shown at the end of each movie demonstrates how many details are involved to create a masterpiece. While our work is on a much smaller scale, we labor over each facet of your video production project.

Things like concepting, storyboarding, interview questions, site selection, set-up & lighting, video and audio, color-grading, editing - and the list goes on and on.

With the combination of experience, creativity, resourcefulness and detail, your next project doesn't have to be anything less than what you expected.


Motion Animation

For a polished and professional look we can vectorize your logo, placing it in 3-D space and adding a few extra touches along the way. The result will put more eyeballs on your ads and keep them there.

kinetic typography

This style treatment makes your images jump off (and) on the page putting the viewer in a captivated state as they feel compelled to watch the final result. Pepper this visual with your message and watch your goals take off.

Social media friendly

We enjoy creating special projects, like this combination of kinetic typography, fun music and editing to the beat. It's time - get started on your project today and let Media By JP take you to the next level.

The element of surprise

Whether you wish to revamp your logo or create something special for an event, keep them guessing why the river of ingenious ideas never stops flowing.