How To Find the Best Wedding Videographer (In Sioux Falls)

While most brides search for wedding photographers first, the popularity of online video is making the case why you want to find the best wedding videographer, whether in Sioux Falls or elsewhere. Everyone loves a great picture. But in this current economy of social media and attention deficit, no one can compete with video. And that's just a fact.

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According to BuzzSumo, "Questions, images, and videos were more engaging than all other post types. Videos were most likely to be shared."

We live in a world where we love to share our most important moments, like weddings. The equipment to shoot wedding videos and edit them has decreased in costs. Creatives are now able to express themselves through formats such as wedding videos where the brides are rewarded. They are rewarded because they get the wedding video of their dreams AND they can share their biggest day to those who attended the ceremony PLUS all of the other friends and family who weren't in attendance. And they do that sharing online.


Having made the case that wedding video is important because you can share it online, let's talk about locating your wedding videographer. I live in the Sioux Falls area, so I'm going to simply use it as my own geographic preference, but finding the best wedding videographer includes a few obvious recommendations, but one tid-bit at the end that I'm betting you've never considered.

Read on.

1. Meet in person with your wedding videographer before you sign a contract.

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Online research for your wedding videographer has never been easier. However, trusting reviews and watching example videos start the ball rolling, but shouldn't cement the deal. It's important to schedule a time where the bride AND groom can meet over coffee and talk. Does the wedding videographer show interest in your wedding? Do they have a process they can share that demonstrates they know what they're doing? Do they demonstrate a willingness to meet your needs? Having a checklist with them is a sure sign a wedding videographer is the right choice as it demonstrates both process and choices for your consideration.

2. Put your trust in your wedding videographer.

Not just because I'm a videographer do I recommend this, but it's worthy advice. When you micromanage any process - that cake you checked in on for the tenth time has an increased chance of falling in the oven. If your research and meetings led you to a wedding videographer, let them do the rest. As the bride, you have a lot on your mind. Unless you have videography experience, trust that the individual you hired has some great ideas and let them execute on those ideas on your behalf.

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3. The real secret and best advice of all for how you can find the best wedding videographer...


There are a few common tips I'm purposefully leaving out of my recommendations for a wedding videographer because you've probably read them already. Checking the contract over, yep, that's good advice, but fairly common. All the rest of the advice can be summed up in this over-arching tip:

To find the best wedding videographer (in Sioux Falls), you simply need to participate on the front-end of the conversation and help that individual make informed decisions. A good wedding videographer will have a list of questions that will eliminate your concerns and help you focus better on other tasks for your wedding. In addition, you can instantly enhance that videographer's outcome through your input.

Bride + Groom + Wedding Videographer = Memories to Share (For a Lifetime)
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Think about it like this: when you combine someone's expertise (even if they are a first time videographer) with your wishes, most anything can be accomplished. You simply need to let them know your wishes, write down your expectations, check for clarification - then let them do their job.

Just like having your house built, or your honeymoon planned out, it involves a relationship of discussion, compromise and eventually agreement. 

Your input is THAT important. 

And if a wedding videographer is deathly opposed to your input, to understand what you'd like out of your wedding video, then it's time to find another wedding videographer.

When you're ready to ask questions and meet that interested videographer, please fill out the form above and give us a chance to discuss how we can make your wedding a memorable, enjoyable, and worry-free experience.