My First Facebook Live Video - How'd I Do?

I decided to embark on what the Cool Kids are doing and I did my first Facebook Live video yesterday. But it wasn't easy and here's why.

Every video I do, I naturally critique myself.  Hard.

Let's face it - every video a videographer puts out has the potential of winning over a client. And when you do a Facebook Live video, there is a lot that gets compromised.

First, the video is live. That means any minute a child could bust in, an alarm could go off or your battery goes dead.  Embarrassing stuff!

Second, the video quality isn't that great. Depending on your phone vs. your typical cameras, its just not up to the caliber I like. But I decided to get over myself and just wing it.

Third, my audio was poop, which I actually called out because I lacked a TRRS adapter/microphone. If you've watched the video already, you'll see that I call it out because the entire intention of this video is to help others make their Facebook Live videos as great as they can be, whether business or for personal use.

In addition to the tips I collected and shared, I also point out a small ebook I wrote that you can download for free. So get yourself a copy and there will be more tidbits of info coming your way to supplement that guide.

If and when you decide to do your first Facebook Live video, remember these few keys:

1. Everyone who has ever done a Facebook Live has made a few mistakes. We all do. So don't sweat it. Welcome to the club!

2. Try to find a quiet and isolated spot to collect your thoughts and to record. But if something goes wrong - just go with it! That's the fun part of going Live. I forgot my Red Whip I talk about in the video. I just jumped up and got it, even though I had something similar on my wrist (watch closely and you'll see it).

3. Use the closed captioning feature after you post your video. Statistics are continuing to come in, but if your audience is somewhere that they can't turn up the volume, your captioning helps them follow along as you speak.

OK, first one is in the bag - let's move on to more!