Overcoming Hesitation So You Can Grow Your Business


In prepping for this video I thought I would take a look at where hesitation comes from and if you look in your Bible hesitation is mentioned quite often. It'sactually a combination of a couple of books of the Bible.

Combine Hezekiah and Lamentations and you get "hesitations."

OK, bad joke, but just appreciate the effort, OK?

Overcoming My Own Hesitations

Even though I want to talk today about hesitation, hesitation in general, hesitation of marketing, hesitation in life; I hesitated making this video.  As a filmmaker I'm very very anal about the things that I do and the things that I put out.

I spend hours editing and looking at the videos that I put out to make sure that they're the best quality because that's what I get paid to do. So, I am going to literally rip the page on hesitation and I'm gonna put this out there. 

But at least I would let you know that you're not alone when it comes to hesitation.

The Back Story Around This Hesitation Topic

A Facebook friend of mine is having some marketing problems.

I find that a lot of people, small business owners especially, they suffer from a lot of insecurities. I do.

They suffer from a lot of paralysis through over analysis. I do. 

And they also suffer from too much hesitation. And as the characters from the movie Point Break remind us, "Fear causes hesitation and hesitation will force your worst fears to come true."

Don't enjoy the view too long - or you might sink.

Don't enjoy the view too long - or you might sink.

So hesitation in my mind really does "exacerbate" (how do you like THAT word?!) fear.


Picture you're about to jump off of a bridge and the longer that you stand there,  the longer that you start to obsess over:

"Is this going to hurt?"
"Am I gonna die?"
"What's gonna happen if...?"

The longer that you sit there and you hesitate, it ends up crippling you until you just don't even take any action. And when you're trying to grow a business, when you're trying to make any decision in life, hesitation is not going to benefit you.

I'm not gonna Bible thump you, but using it as a reference tool with many, many stories in it,  God rewarded individuals for taking action. Rarely will you find suggestions that it's a good idea to hesitate.

In addition, you have the famous Nike slogan, Just Do It. And if we don't "just do it" then we're not gonna do anything and when we don't do anything we're gonna "screw the pooch." (I don't know where that phrase comes from, but I love saying it even though my wife hates it. Sorry Cindy!)

The fact is we're hesitating because we're not sure what we need to do and we're not sure what the big plan is.

What Would It Take to Make You Not Hesitate?

For me I'm not gonna hesitate near as much if I know what those next steps are in life or in business. Well we don't always know the success of the steps that we take, BUT if we put together a plan then we're probably gonna get there versus having no plan at all.  I

If you lack a plan to grow your business, and you need a plan for marketing, let's start with something that I call the Creative Brief. 

Don't hesitate - Download your FREE Creative Brief today!

The Creative Brief is a series of questions myself and many creatives around the world use. It's a method and a process to figure out where you want to go with your marketing and what you want to do based on your audience.

Who's your audience?

If you own a florist shop, your audience is going to be wedding planners or spouses that want to buy the other spouse a gift. There's any number of people that buy flowers so you need to lock in on who your audience is.

Which brings us to the next part of the creative brief.

What does our audience believe?

Continuing the floral shop example, now we need to figure out what do they believe about the flower buying experience? 

There's a lot of questions that that you, as the business owner would need to figure out about what do they believe about the experience, or what do they believe about the pricing.

And then what you want to tease out of this, as you're going through this mental exercise, is...

What do you want your audience to believe about you?

What do you want them to believe about your business? And this is where that little phrase, "unique selling proposition" can come into play.

What are you doing that's so cool, it's so unique that others would want to do business with you.

If you're doing the same thing that everybody else is doing,
why should anybody come see you?

It's up to you to figure out what that path is that your potential customers should take and visit your business.

It's not as hard as it you might think, but you might need to talk to some other people, and say "Okay yeah, what do I do that's different?" Take a look at the people that you've already attracted into your business and from there you're gonna figure out what your unique selling proposition is.

OK, so we've identified our audience, we have figured out what they believe,  and now we've figured out what we want them to believe. 

So now you need to figure out...

What is your brand personality?

I love Amazon because they provide almost anything that I can think of that I want, its online,  and as a member of Amazon Prime, they give me what I want within two to three days.

Their brand personality is a great shopping experience and to me they are logistics experts. They take this massive warehouse (or warehouses) and they give me what I want, when I want it, and I get it at a pretty good price.

What is your brand personality? How do you want others to perceive you and will you live up to that perception?

Don't let your brand be faceless - make it an extension of you or your customer's needs.

Don't let your brand be faceless - make it an extension of you or your customer's needs.

Again if we're going back to the florist example, think about who you are and what do you want your flower shop's personality to be? If you take a look at your competitors, what's their personality? Does that fit with what a customer is really wanting. Is it working for them - or do you want to emulate that success but put a little spin on it?

Yes, borrowing ideas and tweaking to make them your own is totally acceptable, but my attorney says you should visit your own before totally taking that piece of advice to the bank.

Do you want to be a little bit more playful in your brand to attract customers? You may want to offer up something in addition to flowers to show people that you care that much more and you can save them a trip to another business (like offering chocolates, perhaps).

Some people think that their brand is their logo and that's not true.

It's part of it but the brand is what people believe about you. What do you want them to feel?  Your brand personality is gonna come out in your marketing and how you approach people, how you talk to them and the methods that you use to carry out your business. 

With this Creative Brief exercise, you're actually creating a customer profile, an avatar if you will. 

Let's pretend, going back to the floral example, that your customer is "Betty" and Betty is 27.  Let's say Betty works for a wedding planner, and so she's going to need somebody who can be very detail-oriented, who can provide her instant quotes, and who can give her floral  arrangements via picture or video.

She wants someone who can provide transportation of said flowers. She wants you to take care of her.

If Betty is your customer, or potential customer, maybe she believes that the floral shops of today aren't that customer service driven or that they don't deliver on time. If that is the case, you've identified a customer need and you will need to fill that. 

This step shows that you're very authoritative in your approach that you are going to solve a problem and, best of all, maybe you're going to do something kind of innovative and unique which then becomes part of your unique selling proposition.

If you want a copy of this creative brief, just the form below for an instant download. I use the exact same form for my corporate clients.

This creative brief is not going to be a one facet problem solver that's going to solve all your problems. It's a part of a larger approach.

And just like Facebook ads are not going to solve all of your problems, a good marketing plan should include various tactics on a schedule attached to a a budget - and that is what's going to lead you down the road towards sustained growth.

Morale of The Story: Don't Hesitate and Plan Accordingly

f you're hesitating, like my Facebook friend is with her new business (is that you as well, kind reader?), maybe that'll help get you off the edge. 

And if this solution does not accurately address the area in your business that can take you to the next level, please leave a comment below or email me so we can talk further.