Six Reasons Why Video Will Make You More Profitable

Video will make you profitable? Seriously?  Not just famous, but rich too?

While many aspire to be famous, adored by millions, and sought after for autographs, the rest of us are just fine serving our customers, making them happy and exchanging currency for our products or services.

For small business especially, why be Insta-famous if we can't put food on the table? It only makes sense that if you're going to do videos, that it should or has to make you profitable.

With no further delay, here are the top six reasons how video will make you more profitable. 

Reason #1 - Video Emotionally Connects You To Your Customer

You've no doubt seen a handful of videos that leave you telling others that you're just peeling some onions. Or they leave you feeling empowered. 

Pictures can inspire you. But videos connect you with the viewer in a way that is challenging to describe. They'll remember the imagery (much longer than a picture), they'll watch and re-watch it - and they'll share it with others so they can feel the same way.

Want proof? Grab a tissue - and don't say I didn't warn you.

Brands and businesses that can make a viewer feel a positive emotion will stand out from the competition. If you live in Thailand, wouldn't you have a higher likelihood to choose this insurance company based off of this video?

It's emotional branding at its best.

Reason #2 - Video Will Increase Your Page Rank and SEO

Google and other search engines base page rank and search engine optimization (SEO) around content. When a site includes video as part of its content, it sends a signal that your site is full of rich media content.

Another example of how video increases your SEO is attributed to how viral your video is. Every time a video goes viral, it gets linked to other sites. And for every link that goes back to that site, your SEO improves that little bit more. Consider a viral video gets over 1 million views. If just half or one-quarter of those were backlinks, your site SEO for each viral video could exponentially increase, propelling you into SuperStar SEO Status - and way past your competition.

And even if your video doesn't go viral, there's a higher likelihood than not it will get shared and linked to. So even if you don't acquire the success of Dollar Shave Club, you'll still do better than what you were doing the day before.

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Reason #3 - Video Equates to An Astronomical Amount of Words

Quick math lesson: if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a one minute video?

If you think the answer is 60 seconds * 1000 = 60,000, you're not even scratching the surface. Just remember that most videos are shot at 24 frames (images) per second, so let's try 60*1000*24?  That's 1,440,000.

Getting closer. The answer?  1.8 million words of text are equatable to one minute of video.


According to Forrester Research, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. This makes video the perfect choice to teach your ideal consumer about your business and offerings. 

The New York Times has approximately 140,000 words each edition; 280,000 words on Sundays. But one minute of video conveys five times more.

Getting convinced yet?

Reason #4 - The Machines Want More Video To Take Over the World

The Zombie apocalypse has several fans, but not as many as video. Even technology supports the Video Apocalypse.

In the past decade, few technologies have embraced anything more than video. Consider YouTube, Facebook (video, Facebook Live), Instagram stories, SnapChat, the "second screen experience" and all of the apps to support interacting with you as you watch TV, virtual reality, etc. All of these examples demonstrate how much we and the multitudes support and demand MORE VIDEO.

Does your website include video? If it doesn't, you can bet your customers aren't as happy with you as they could be.

The Machines won't be happy if you don't have video on your site!

The Machines won't be happy if you don't have video on your site!

Reason #5 - Video Captures the Attention (and Imagination) of Everyone

Although showing a little leg used to be the way to get attention (never worked for me though), these days it is a challenge to stand out.

But not if you're engaged in video/advertising, you're already riding the wave of wonder because video is on the rise with little likelihood of settling any time soon. 

Everywhere you turn, videos are catching on. So much so that many believe that certain newspapers like the Washington Post are going after YouTube to impact their growing ad revenue. While the verdict is still out on that topic, there is no doubt that newspapers and magazines will never have the ability to embrace video in the paper form.

However, in online format, videos are everywhere that the news is. Everywhere that music is. And of course, everywhere that entertainment is. 

When you go to an amusement park, they don't hand you a newspaper while you wait to ride the Invomitable Terror. They show you videos on big screens.

The imagination is endless in terms of content for videos as well. If you want the attention of consumers, you want video.

And you must want Sia's Chandelier as well. She has a whopping 1.6 BILLION (not million) views of this song. Maybe I should have taken ballet instead of shooting spitwads at Bobby Jensen in the 3rd grade...

Reason #6  - Forget the Bachelor, Video Has the Best Chance of Engaging You

In addition to all of the reasons we've already listed, video has that intangible quality about it that elevates your spirit. You can go to wherever the camera takes you, even up high in the sky. You can hear the scream of thrill or of agony and feel what those around the camera were feeling (to some extent).

In the video below we created for a client, the music is soft, the smooth motion of the camera puts you at ease, and around the 1:26 mark you see the majestic wings of an eagle or hawk enter the frame close by.

Video has the power to hold your attention, to help you imagine, and in many cases, to purchase.

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