Why This Video Maker is Proud to Live in Sioux Falls

As a video maker who lives in Sioux Falls, I've had the pleasure to make several observations since arriving. Having moved here in 1998, my first opportunity to enjoy Sioux Falls came my first weekend and challenge - the Sioux Falls Half Marathon. Since that time I've noticed so many reasons why Sioux Falls is amazing.

Video Makers Need Content and Sioux Falls Has It

Every good video, commercial or social media post that a video maker creates needs to have great content - and there we are blessed because Sioux Falls has amazing locations to shoot. As mentioned already, the Sioux Falls Bike Trail is a double bonus in the category of how to see and enjoy the city. Extending nearly 20 miles around the city, the Sioux Falls trail is a treasure trove for bicyclists, runners, or dog walkers (I'm still waiting to see the first cat walker, so I'll update this when that occurs).

Along the bike trail is an amazing assortment of sights - parks, water ways, shopping venues, and plenty of laughs. And speaking of that...

Sioux Falls Gives You Plenty To Smile At

As a video maker, and tech tinkerer, I had to break out my Go Pro Hero 5 for a little impromptu fun while my wife and I enjoyed the recent Memorial Day weekend. With my Go Pro connected to my Karma Grip (a gimbal stabilizer for smoothing out videos while you're active), we biked 10 miles that day, touring the bike trail, Downtown Sioux Falls, and one of our favorite coffee spots, Coffea Roasterie, now with three convenient locations in Sioux Falls (this is not a paid endorsement, but I wouldn't turn down some free coffee, mind you).

Everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, we saw smiles ALL DAY LONG. There's something intangible about living in the Midwest; and even though we are forced to endure some harsh and lingering temperatures living in Sioux Falls, we don't take the nice weather for granted. I lost count of how many nods and smiles my wife and I received as we biked along. Children, parents, grandparents - and yes a few dogs (I think those were smiles, I didn't hear any growls...).

Opportunities Abound For a Sioux Falls Video Maker

I specifically recall turning the corner on the trail as we approached Downtown Sioux Falls and gained our first of many perspectives. In one quick shot, I can still see the healthcare, banking and lodging opportunities Sioux Falls offers. While many of these are owned by large organizations, the number of small businesses rounded out our tour of Sioux Falls that day. While many were small businesses when they started, I've seen those businesses thrive and grow as the city grows as well. That symbiotic relationship is unmistakeable.

Perhaps that is why I decided to start my own video maker business - because the opportunity here in Sioux Falls is unmistakeable. Every month there are new restaurants, new shopping areas (like Lake Lorraine, coming soon Sioux Falls!) and several small businesses waiting to serve you.

If you're a citizen of Sioux Falls, this article is nothing new. There are several places to frequent and things to do like RibFest, JazzFest, the Empire Mall, the Premier Center and more. If you've not had the pleasure of visiting Sioux Falls, here is a link to more information.

The title of my video above truly says it all.  

Sioux Falls - you are loved.