Sioux Falls

4 Surprising Ways To Reach (And Sell To) Your Ideal Customer

Selling to your Ideal Customer was supposed to be a snap, remember?

You toiled away at your previous job, dreaming of the day you'd chase your passion. After what felt like a few hundred people who kept telling you to take a chance, you did it.

You went all in and played what felt like a winning hand of cards...but it wasn't. 

Many days, weeks or months later, you still have those cards, but you've switched to solitaire as you wait for that door (virtual or otherwise) to open and the cash to start rolling in.

At this point you'd accept Monopoly money.

Hold on a sec! Before you decide to throw in the small business towel, here are four surprising ways you can reach out and sell to your ideal customer. 

Why This Video Maker is Proud to Live in Sioux Falls

As a video maker who lives in Sioux Falls, I've had the pleasure to make several observations since arriving. Having moved here in 1998, my first opportunity to enjoy Sioux Falls came my first weekend and challenge - the Sioux Falls Half Marathon. Since that time I've noticed so many reasons why Sioux Falls is amazing.