One Major Reason Why Your Business Might Be Failing

Today I want to talk with you about one major reason why your business might be failing. I’m being authentic with you today as I am dressed down. It's basically me and the computer doing some editing today and I wanted to talk about this video that I came across.

One of my favorite YouTube vloggers is a guy by the name of Casey Neistat. He does a great job telling stories and communicating about every day things. It just so happens that in yesterday's video he proves a point your business might need to pay attention, so I'm gonna have you come along and watch this video with me as I call out a couple of parts. (see above)

Casey is a big Boosted Board electric skateboard user. The guy is always on it and he goes all over New York City from meeting to meeting, somehow videotaping himself while he's on the board. Yesterday he gets a brand-new carbon fiber board from a different supplier. It’s super small, super compact and Casey is super excited to use it.

Casey spends at least an hour trying to figure out how to ride his new carbon fiber skateboard and he's not having any luck. For about a minute or two you see Casey with the manual trying to figure out how to ride the new skateboard. Marlon, his UPS guy, has better luck than Casey but they still can't figure it out.

Marlon takes off, goes back to work, and there's Casey again. What’s he doing in the video? He’s reading the manual which is what any person would do, right? Next comes my favorite part so pay attention below. 

CASEY: “So I do think there is a place for this little guy in the market. It’s incredible and feels well-built and all that stuff. With that though I am a man of moderate to average to medium intelligence and I read this manual twice. I’m also a lifelong skateboarder and a fairly competent guy when it comes to all things electronic. (Shows manual to the camera) I don't know what this means.”

How many times have you picked up a product yourself and you take it home and you're so excited to use it? Then you get home and you read the manual and... nothing. 

I recorded the video episode of this blog on the Sony X 70 which came as a standard video camera with a license to upgrade to 4K, which I purchased.  It took me two hours to figure out how to get the camera to go into 4K mode -  and like my good friend Casey,  I'm a fairly savvy guy when it comes to technology.

I could not figure out how to get this camera to go to 4K and I literally wanted to throw it through the window.  Next, here’s what Casey does and I want you to pay special attention to what the individual with the skateboard company has to say. Casey calls the skateboard company and here's the phone exchange:

CASEY: “Are you the guy who sent me the Spectra skateboard?"

SKATEBOARD REP: “Yes sir, that’s me.”

CASEY: “I have some questions for you; I spent an hour and a half playing with your board and I never figured out how to use it.”

SKATEBOARD REP: “Oh wait, so you didn’t ride it at all?”

CASEY: “I couldn't make sense of your manual.”

SKATEBOARD REP: “So the thing is, we’re gonna have a tutorial video…”  

Wait, what did you just say? (This is me talking rhetorically.)


Casey Neistat, an individual who is no stranger to technology, couldn't figure it out because of the manual. And one of the first things the individual representing the skateboard company says is, “…oh, we're going to come out with a tutorial video…” 

Here’s the Big Idea Why Your Business Might Be Failing

How in tune are you with your customers, and how in tune are you with how your customers perceive your product or your service?

Do they know how to use it to the extent you want them to?

Or is it maybe going to improve if you would simply create a tutorial video that demonstrates how to use your product?

How did I figure out how to get my camera to go to 4K? I went to YouTube and I watched a video that somebody else made, not from the company, but an independent individual. 

Don’t Let Your Business Fail - Next Big Point

As a business, if you want somebody else representing your company and representing your brand and telling people how to use your product, that's really up to you. For me, I wouldn't be too happy about that and I would want to be the one that would say, “Hey I'm customer-centric enough that I'm going to create a video. I’m going to tell people how to use my product.

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